[Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey (New Cutey Honey) [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] (Dual Audio) :: Nyaa ISS

[Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey (New Cutey Honey) [JP.BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] (Dual Audio)

2018-12-08 19:41 UTC
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33.9 GiB
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![Image](https://i.imgur.com/3aziYjZ.png) Custom BDMV From ADC Track 1: Japanese Blu-ray 10-bit 1080p Track 2: English DVD 16-bit AC3 Track 3: Japanese Blu-ray 16-bit FLAC Track 4: Signs & Songs [.PGS] {WARRING YELLOW SUBS} Track 5: Full Subs [.PGS] {WARRING YELLOW SUBS} **Plz SEED** _Mr. Kimiko_

File list

  • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] (Dual Audio)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 01 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [36896303].mkv (3.9 GiB)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 02 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [AC0743B0].mkv (3.9 GiB)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 03 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [25613D60].mkv (4.2 GiB)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 04 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [4193D50E].mkv (4.3 GiB)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 05 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [E24D2050].mkv (4.3 GiB)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 06 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [DD9BFCEC].mkv (4.4 GiB)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 07 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [37E132EB].mkv (4.2 GiB)
    • [Koten_Gars] New Cutie Honey - 08 [BD][Hi10][1080p][AC3+FLAC] [35064164].mkv (4.6 GiB)
I love me some Cutie Honey
I concur with kuddlesworth.
Best Cutey Honey series I've seen. Especially with the English dub.
I DL'd and watched this yesterday for the first time without ever watching the Cutie series before, and I can say I definitely see Go's genius afterwards. Now hooked, I went to watch Cutie Honey Universe after this one since it recently got licensed and is bringing Jessica back as Honey... and holy fuck is Shin Honey superior. Universe tried so hard to turn Cutie into madoka magica, but without the visuals or script-quality... and that isn't what Cutie was about in Shin. Universe actually had an interesting direction with Jill, but it doesn't go anywhere with it besides forcing cringey Honey melodrama on us... the plot is basically about the main villain trying to break Honey emotionally... like we actually wanted or needed to see garbage like that, It just turns you off. Get this New Cutie Honey series, not Universe. Oh, and thanks for the upload.