[Kuroi-Subs] Tower of God - 13 [HEVC 1080p] [JAP+KOR] [465B86D1]

2020-07-01 03:50 UTC
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Video: [CR] → [10-bit, HEVC, CRF 16] (Very slow Compression) Audio: [AAC 2.0, Untouched] * Track 1: [CR] JPN * Track 2: [Squirrel] KOR → [Synced] Subtitles: [CR] → [SSA, Timed, TS'ed & Improved TL] * Track 1: Timed & TL for JPN. * Track 2: Timed & TL for KOR. --- #### **Outsourced Credits:** Hina (Lonely Hikikomori): TL for JPN OP/ED. KamiXer: Timing & Styling for JPN & KOR OP/ED. --- **Show remarks:** I believe this episode deviated the most from manhwa and may prove a hindrance to connect to what happens next in S2 or S3, for example. Overall, the adaptation wasn't bad, in my opinion. Character designs were more refined as compared to what they were originally in manhwa at this time of the story. If anything, they could try to slow down a little because a lot of things could be explained better and would've given more depth to characters. **Release Notes:** As for the batch, I think I'll be releasing a TV batch with v2 for most prominent mistakes / bugs like the audio and font issue. While sub / TS improvements may happen with BD release. Will be adding v2 patches on corresponding episodes as well so you can get your v1 files to v2 using patches.

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  • [Kuroi-Subs]_Tower_of_God_-_13_[HEVC_1080p]_[JAP+KOR]_[465B86D1].mkv (886.7 MiB)
Oh, I'll think it'll flow just fine. They'll dive right in to the advanced story, and connect up in flashback while adapting as needed. Then again, it's been awhile and maybe I should refresh myself by reviewing the manhwa from the top while SIU is on hiatus. Thanks a heap for taking this on and delivering it all with steady progress. Hope to see you for the next round!
Thank you so much for all your hard work. Waiting for the patch~~ thanks again!