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[MoyaiSubs] Kiratto PriChan - 130 [A9081CB4].mkv

2021-04-18 13:03 UTC
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If you waited a month for this release, thank you. No, we didn't drop Pri☆Chan or Mewkle because of Godzilla. We have different staff working on each show. Releases have slowed down because Gon has been super busy trying to graduate - she does a monstrous amount of work QCing Pri☆Chan and Mewkle, and Moyai would be nothing without her. The rest of our staff are working on episodes in advance so that we can hopefully put out a good chunk of releases once Gon can comfortably resume working on subs. Please cheer her on! Yes, we're still looking for a translator for Pri☆Chan. Our CEO and founder Sino has done an amazing job translating all of our shows since the group was formed, and having another translator to lend a hand with TL will help us a ton. Message basil#3517 on Discord or send us a message on Twitter if you want to have a casual chat about it. Lastly, we have new friends: a timer, LightQuill, and an editor, Tetsu. Both are working on Pri☆Chan starting with this episode. Hello Tetsu & Light! --- **Video**: 1080p VBR (Amazon) **Discord**: https://discordapp.com/invite/DMK8sH5 **Staff** >Translation: Sino Editing: Tetsu, Rowan Timing: LightQuill Typesetting: CFMisaki Quality Control: basil, Gonbechyan

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  • [MoyaiSubs] Kiratto PriChan - 130 [A9081CB4].mkv (854.4 MiB)
Thank you so much
seed for 120, 122, and 123 pls thanks
Thanks for always delivering, and from one busy student to another, good luck with school, Gon!
OMG! Thank you so much.
Thank you so much!! Good luck, Gon :) ♥
thank you n wishing gon tons of courage with her graduation!!