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[hydes] Patlabor: The Movie『Enthusiast's Collected Edition』JPBD Remux|5xAudio/5xSub|Extras

2021-06-10 15:38 UTC
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![alt text][logo] [logo]: https://i.imgur.com/m4W85Yt.png "" #### Big thanks to the following people for helping with this release: *ghsushsu123 / sus123, for assisting with the sign TS and font selection* *scav, for helping with syncing the Manga Entertainment dub* > Join the [Discord!](https://discord.gg/PMrccmpYTu) We're looking for translation checkers and some typesetters for the Ghibli project. ### Patlabor: The Movie - Enthusiast's Collected Edition *The best picture quality, Plethora of audio tracks & Many subtitles + Extras* As is the case with [Patlabor 2](https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1385665), out of all the releases of the first Patlabor movie, the JP BD has the best picture quality. No glaring issues with the scan either, none that I could notice during my rewatch at least. [10 Comparisons between the JP BD, Niizk, sxales](https://slow.pics/c/ogBgJxeQ) It's the usual story with the encodes: they're smaller in file size, but lose quality. Sxales' upload is already encoded from the HK BD, so I didn't include the raw HK BD in the comparisons. You can see just from sxales' encode that it has the same issues as the HK BD of Patlabor 2. I managed to get an even better set of audio tracks for this first Patlabor film. In addition to the other great ones, we have the Manga Entertainment dub in 2.0 and 5.1 configurations, both synced to the BD. I found out that all the versions of the dub on nyaa weren't synced properly, as they always started to drift. I was having trouble trying to find a way to sync the dub tracks correctly because conversion from 25fps to 23.976fps or a simple starting delay didn't do it. I didn't want to include out-of-sync tracks, so it was either figuring out how to sync them or leave them out completely. Luckily, user scav was willing to help me. Because of how it was done, there was no need for re-encoding either. Huge thanks to scav for helping! The "Sound Renewal Remix" has 100% re-recorded dialogue this time. Every line was redone for it because the old masters were in a poor state. They actually got *all* the old VAs to come back for the remix, even Megumi Hayashibara came back to do her lines for a weather report girl. The remix here also has, similarly to P2's 5.1 remix, updated sound FX and differing music which has also been used differently in scenes. Just like with my Patlabor 2 upload, the default subtitle track is a slightly edited version of Niizk's script with signs taken from HACK-JOB, which I have modified further to make them more tolerable. I only know little Japanese, so I didn't edit any of the dialogue. Only line breaks, positioning, and timings in a few places were changed. A couple of lines were also split/joined together in hectic moments when there was a lot of dialogue at once. Dialogue is "PT Sans" at font size 80. I’ve also included the original, untouched versions of Niizk’s and HACK-JOB’s subtitles for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the modifications I’ve done. As for the extras, there is only one, a *special* one: "After The Movie Remix" is a half-hour long documentary on Patlabor 1, which is made up of elements from *Mobile Police Patlabor OVA* Vol.7 1/2 "After The Movie" (released December, 1989) and *Making Of Patlabor The Movie* "Visual File" from the LaserDisc release of *Patlabor The Movie* (released January, 1990) A nice treat for any fan of this movie. #### Specifics of this release: Video: 1. JP BD Remux (1920x1080, 23.976fps) (default) Audio: 1. Japanese 5.1 FLAC (Sound Renewal Mix) (JPBD) (default) 2. Japanese 2.0 FLAC (Original Dolby Surround Mix) (JPBD) (*But how can 2.0 be surround?* Check [this thread](https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/threads/difference-between-stereo-and-dolby-surround-2-0.45530/) for a quick explanation) 3. English 5.1 DTS (Bandai Dub) (USBD) 4. English 5.1 AC-3 (Manga Entertainment Dub) (2003 DVD) 5. English 2.0 AAC (Manga Entertainment Dub) (Oreldo) Subtitles: 1. English (Niizk/HACK-JOB) (edited) (ass) (default) 2. Signs (Niizk/HACK-JOB (edited) (ass) 3. English (HACK-JOB) (ass) 4. Signs (HACK-JOB) (ass) 5. English (Niizk) (ass) Extras: 1. After The Movie Remix (720x480, 29.970fps, eng subs) 31 min [MediaInfo](https://pastebin.com/raw/JvKMBAfs) ![alt text][logo2] [logo2]: https://i.imgur.com/f9URsl9.png "" *- hydes*

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