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(Wonder-Subs) Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!! WGP 27

2021-06-10 23:10 UTC
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Here is the 27th episode of L&G WGP, hope you guys enjoy. Credit to SubRoro for the original subtitles, and SquareSubs for the style in addition to the intro and credits theme translations. If interested for more immediate updates join the Discord server in the information tab above. ![alt text][logo] [logo]:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/330675264717586432/852685614741454918/vlcsnap-2021-06-11-02h07m12s634.png "Photo 1" ![alt text][logo2] [logo2]: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/330675264717586432/852685640071250030/vlcsnap-2021-06-11-02h07m31s527.png "Photo 2" ![alt text][logo3] [logo3]: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/330675264717586432/852685663945752586/vlcsnap-2021-06-11-02h07m49s295.png "Photo 3"

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thank you very much for this @ksa1978 by the way, is there any chance you're going to sub the season 3 (Let's & Go MAX!!!) and in 1440x1080 resolution anytime soon? And also, do you know the anime Mr. Ajikko? It's a very good cooking anime. Unfortunately, it doesn't get an official english subtitle. I tried to find one but no luck. Again, thank you very much for this

ksa1978 (uploader)

Hello lightyagami02. I appreciate your feedback towards my work, as for your first question I do intend on continuing on with MAX if all goes well for me by the time I am done with WGP. As for your 2nd question, I admittedly have never heard of Mr.Ajikko before, I gave it a quick search and it seems to have been partially translated in other languages but nowhere near completion. Unfortunately I can't help you much on that one, but I wish you the best of luck in finding one.
I think I'll have to do attend some japanese language class for me to at least, you know, help you guys with some anime's that needs translation to english. I really want to do this as a hobby of course, not for profit...hehe I hope I can get a BD copy of that Mr Ajikko and have it subbed. Anyway, thanks again, looking forward for upcoming WGP episode releases & godbless.