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[Anime Chap] Vinland Saga S02E04 [WEB 1080p] {OP & ED Lyrics} - Episode 4

2023-01-30 22:12 UTC
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Title: Vinland Saga - Season 2 Episode 4 **[Episode 5/24 - Out Now](https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1634508)** ### If you've not watched or caught up with Season 1, [grab my complete BluRay Torrent for the first season](https://nyaa.iss.one/view/1618595) - Everything matches up with the fonts and formatting that I will be using this for this second season! _I’ve sorted some Karaoke Lyrics & Translations for the OP & ED as usual - Enjoy!_ _*(Please do **credit & link back** if you use anything from these releases. It's a lot of work for one person...and of course a link back to the original will make me a happy little chap!)*_ H.264 WEB 1080p AAC 128kps - 2 Channels Video Source: Crunchyroll WEBRIP/SubsPlease Subs: (Anime Chap) Edited Official Crunchyroll Subs (Completely Re-Styled, Re-Timed, OP & ED Lyrics, Spelling & Grammar Corrections & some Minor Fixes) Chapters: (Anime Chap) Original Chapters ### Support Me: https://ko-fi.com/animechap ### Head to my [Discord](https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa) to check out and keep up with the shows I'm covering this new Fall Season & vote on which Upcoming Shows I'll cover! ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/885311036427755570/1069741680414163075/image.png) - Synopsis: A new millennium begins in the southern part of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. Thorfin was bought by the landowner Ketil as a "slave" and engaged in land reclamation work on his farm. Thorfinn meets a young man there, Einar, who was also a slave like him. The encounter of Einar led Thorfinn to face the sins he had committed and began to find meaning in life. On the other hand, Canute, who became the King of England, attempted to extend his territory for the establishment of "the promised land." This is "The Story of a True Warrior (Saga)." "The story of Atonement and Salvation (Saga)" that lies beyond the prologue. Note 1: These subs should work with pretty much any release of Vinland Saga S2 you can find! Note 2: If you wanted just the Sub files head over to my [Discord](https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa) and there is the .mks file ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/885311036427755570/1069741679264927844/image.png) *Join the Anime Chap discord for early releases! I upload the individual sub files as soon as I finish editing them so join my server for those sweet, sweet (slightly) early sub file releases - https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa* ![alt text](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/885311036427755570/1069741679868919818/image.png) If you're here in the far future and there are no seeders, firstly check for a Batch Release (these will always be seeded long after the individual releases) and failing that ping me a Request in the [Discord](https://discord.gg/wWSKTRQvXa) and I’ll start seeding again (or I'll upload to Mega if the torrent is truly dead)!!!

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